Raffle Ticket Designer Support and Download

Guide to the legal regulations for Draw Tickets
Any raffle or lottery with tickets on general sale before the event must be licensed with a local authority, e.g Borough or District Council.  The maximum value of any single ticket under this license is £20,000.  (an example would be 40,000 tickets @ £0.50p).  If the income potential exceeds this limit then the lottery/raffle must be registered with the Gambling commission.

Tickets may not be sold to or by persons under the age of 16.

Each tick MUST be the same prices - no discount for bulk buy.

Registered Charities must state their Charity number or state 'A Registered Charity'.
  • Your Organisation (Required)
  • Promoters Name and full postal address, it does not have to be their personal address. (Required)
  • Your local authority and license number (Required)
  • Time, date and location of Raffle Draw. (Required)
  • Your Charity Number (if applicable)
  • First Prize or Top Three prizes. (Required)
  • Ticket Cost (Required)
  • Ticket Number (Required)
  • Ticket Expiry Date (Required)
  • Name of Raffle (Required)

Frequently Asked Questions (Software)

Q. I cannot preview or print?
A. You need to install an adobe acrobat reader such as Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader.

Q. How to I get the ticket number to appear in the stub and in the ticket?
A. Insert {ticket number} into the ticket design.

Q. How to I get the ticket value to appear in the stub and in the ticket?
A. Insert {value} into the ticket design.

Q. How do I edit the design in Wordpad or Microsoft Word if I have it installed? 
A. Click the edit button to open the ticket or stub in Wordpad/Word.  To refresh Ticket designer click the refresh button.

Q. How do I install raffle ticket designer?
A. Download the rtdinstaller.msi file below to your computer Select the link below.