Raffle Ticket Designer 1.2 (Free Version)

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Raffle Ticket Designer was written to solve a simple problem for small charities.  The committee of these charities can be given the job of producing and selling raffle tickets to raise funds; but certain problems make this task cost prohibitive.  Raffle Ticket Designer produces 8 tickets per page - landscape or portrait.
  • The cost of having tickets printed and shipped from a ticket printing company often takes a large chunk of profit made by the raffle! 
  • Some ticket printing companies will only print 1000's of tickets, have long lead times especially at christmas and small ticket runs get pushed to the back of the queue!
So we prepared a simple solution which allows the you to produce a ticket and stub showing a unique number on it.  The design can be prepared in our designer but modifed greatly inside Wordpad or Microsoft Word with a simple click.  Once the ticket has all the legal requirements on it (such as those shown below) you can specify a ticket range with 8 tickets per A4 page.  To print the output from the software you will need a PDF (Portable Document Viewer) - e.g Adobe Acrobat (http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/) or Foxit Reader (http://www.foxitsoftware.com/Secure_PDF_Reader), as the output is produced as a pdf.
  • Your Organisation (Required)
  • Name of Raffle (Required)
  • Promoters Name and full postal address, it does not have to be their personal address. (Required)
  • Time, date and location of Raffle Draw. (Required)
  • Your local authority and license number (Required)
  • Your Charity Number (if applicable)
  • First Prize or Top Three prizes. (Required)
  • Ticket Cost (Required)
  • Ticket Number (Required)
  • Ticket Expiry Date (Required)
Ticket Design Tips...

'keep it simple', at most put one logo or graphical component, raffle tickets are not works of art.  
Keep to one font family and limit use of font size (too many different fonts / sizes makes the ticket look cluttered.)

Don't forget...

Check your local authorities rules on what is (and not) allowed with regards to running your raffle.
Visually check/proof all your created tickets when cutting them out and making into a book of tickets.  
Use a guillotine to cut out your tickets!

We've included some sample templates for you to adapt and use in your own way.